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betgully February 28, 2024 6:14 am
Play Andar Bahar Online in India

It is a simple game. The players put a bet on the upcoming card, whether the next card drawn will be from the inside or outside pile. “Andar” means Inside whereas “Bahar” means Outside. Unlike other online card games, being lucky is the only criterion to win in this game. However, some tips can help to play the game in a strategy appropriate for winning.

  • In the casino format, it is a simple game with two bet options. 
  • The game starts with a single deck of cards with two sections on the table named Andar- meaning Inside, and Bahar- meaning Outside. 
  • Andar Bahar game has a dealer and the players 
  • The dealer will shuffle the playing cards and place one card facing up over the table. 
  • The game will take on from this card. 
  • The players will bet on one of the two spots: Andar or Bahar. 
  • They have to guess the place of the pile from which the matching card will appear.
  • The dealer then places cards alternatively on the andar bahar spots until the matching card appears. 
  • If the selected place matches the place where the card appeared, then the player wins.
  • If not, then the dealer wins. 
Play Andar Bahar Online in India

Some strategies may not guarantee a win but will make the game exciting by putting you in a place for winning. Luck should be on your side to win with a strategy. 

In this strategy, the players double the money after a loss. In it, if the person eventually wins, then all previous losses will be recovered. It can be effective but is not a foolproof way to win. 

  • Play the classic version to avoid any new or hidden variations with maximum chances to win.
  • Place smaller bets so there is no huge loss for your finances.
  • Playing with Side bets does have the advantage of a higher payout but, has a higher house edge. So play carefully.
  • Many online platforms for gaming are coming up and offer many types of bonuses and promotions to increase the number of loyal players. These perks may help in increasing the chance of winning the Andar Bahar game. 
  • Tracking the progress is allowed on present gaming platforms. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses to plan your strategy for winning.
  • One must observe any patterns that may appear during the game. It can help in placing calculated bets.
  • Avoid card counting strategy as some gameplays insert blank cards in the game to make it tricky. Some games have a faster speed of revealing cards. So, this method is not a trustworthy option.
Play Andar Bahar Online in India